Software & Firmware

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Audio converter

Audio converter mp3 or wma to compatible format for ONE

LDA Audio Converter
Control STV

Software control to manage STV amplifiers

Firmware MPS8Z & VAP1

MPS-8Z & VAP-1 Firmware v1.06
Firmware NEO

NEO Changelog v01.21.00.24.
Firmware NEO-4250E

Firmware NEO-4250E v02.27.05.00
Firmware NEO-4500E

Firmware NEO-4500E v02.27.07.00
Firmware NEO-4500LE

Firmware NEO-4500LE v02.27.06.00 (low impedance)
Firmware NEO-8060

Firmware NEO-8060 v02.27.01.29 b1.1

NEO8060 FW v02.27.01.29
Firmware NEO-8250E

Firmware NEO-8250E v02.27.03.00
Firmware ONE

ONE Changelog v01.00.04.01
Firmware ONE

Firmware ONE-500 (upload the file "fw.bin" at main root of USB pendrive)
Firmware ONE v2

Firmware ONE-500 v2 (upload the file "fw.bin" at main root of USB pendrive. Required SN 20xxxxxx or higher)
Firmware ZES-22

Firmware ZES-22 v1_0_5
LDA Discover Tool

Software to discover devices located in PA network (ZES-22 and NEO models)

LDA Discover Tool
License Customer Use

License for Customer Use of LDA Audio Tech Software
NEO Configurator

NEO Configurator Changelog v0.2.4.1
NEO Configurator v0.2.4.3

NEO Configurator v0.2.4.3 (NEOc)
NEO Control v1.0.2.3

End-user app to monitor and control NEO systems
NEO DLL v1.0.0.0

NEO DLL Integration version v1.0.0.0

LDA NEO APP (manufacture software)
SIME Control

Extra applications for SIME Control software to install in a PA server (do not include SIME)

Extra apps for
ZES-22 DLL v1.0.0.0

NEO DLL Integration version v1.0.0.0
ZES-22 Setup v04.1

Software to manage and configure the matrix ZES-22
ZES-80 Equalizer

ZES-80 Equalizer App v1.0.5

ZES Equalizer